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Automotive Racing Glove Leathers

Car racing is notoriously one of the most glamorous sports in the world. It’s combination of high adrenalin, fast paced action along with the spoils of large prize money and glamour models attracts the bravest of drivers to compete against each other. However, in the past it has also been at a risk of extreme danger, but thankfully technology has allowed racing today to be a much more safe affair.

One aspect that has moved on considerably is the technology of fire retardant compounds used in the equipment worn by the drivers, and none more so than those of the driver’s gloves. Our fire retardant technology is applied at the fibre level to ensure that the leather has a uniform treatment throughout. In addition specific retanning and staking methods ensure that the thermal dimensional stability is maintained at the highest level possible. This allows it to be a harmonious product with the aramid based polymer fibres that are so commonly used today.

Today the driver needs not only to steer, but also to adjust numerous switches and dials whilst racing his vehicle. Hairsheep (cabretta) offers an ultra soft and tactile feel, which is perfect as a complimentary material in the fingers and palm area of the glove to assist the driver in a comfortable glove that allows sensory feedback throughout the race. This fibre in particular possesses the internal makeup to confer exceptional conformity to the hand, whilst still providing high levels of breathability and dimensional stability. Whether smooth, suede or textured, we treat the leather to have a deep penetrating fatliquoring system to ensure the surface of the leather has a high coefficient of friction which allows more precise steering, less strain on a drivers muscles and a firm grip on the wheel.

We build in to the leather a water resistant tannage, whereby the fibres are treated at a microscopic level with synthetic hydrophobing agents, which are chemically reacted at the collagen fibril level to provide a permanent and durable effect. This is a very important feature that ultimately aids in the whole moisture management of the glove, and ensures that the hands of driver remain dry and comfortable.

Furthermore, our leathers are tanned to provide high levels of perspiration resistance in the tannage, to ensure that the leather stays soft and supple throughout its lifetime. Standard leathers simply soak up the sweat and then dry out very hard with the leather eventually shrinking and cracking. Certainly a benefit for gloves where such high adrenalin situations cause concentrated exposure to sweat.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create or enhance your racing glove product range: darryl@drleather.com

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