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Baseball Batting Glove Leathers

Some claim the first player to wear a Batting Glove was Bobby Thomson of the Giants, who wore golf gloves during spring training in 1949. Others profess that Ted Williams was the first to wear a golf glove in batting practice during the Summer of 1953. Whoever it was, they started an equipment trend that is considered almost obligatory. Typically the player will wear a pair of gloves, providing comfort, warmth, enhanced grip, and shock absorption when hitting the ball.

Our leather addresses all aspects of what the glove needs to do. Hairsheep (cabretta) offers an ultra soft and tactile feel, which is perfect as a complimentary material in the fingers and palm area of the glove to assist the player in a comfortable glove that allows sensory feedback. This fibre structure provides a beautiful and perfect amount of softness, allowing it to mold to the hand, whilst still providing high levels of breathability and dimensional stability. Alternatively, a heavily processed goatskin leather can be used, although the softness of this material is very reliant upon the species used and the beamhouse processing involved. Kangaroo is another great option that has yet to break into the market in a big way, but the potential is definitely there.

Whether smooth, suede or textured, we treat the leather to have a deep penetrating fatliquoring system to ensure the surface of the leather has a high coefficient of friction allowing an enhanced and consistent grip on the bat. In addition we have a special treatment we can apply to the leather to enhance grip levels still further in wet or high perspiration conditions. Texturing technology is available, and we are able to guide you through the whole design process through to the specific manufacturing aspects.

We build in to the leather a water resistant tannage, whereby the fibres are treated at a microscopic level with synthetic hydrophobing agents, which are chemically reacted at the collagen fibril level to provide a permanent and durable effect. This is a very important feature that ultimately aids in the whole moisture management of the glove, and ensures that the hands of player remain dry and comfortable.

Furthermore, our leathers are tanned to provide high levels of perspiration resistance in the tannage, to ensure that the leather stays soft and supple throughout its lifetime. Standard leathers simply soak up the sweat and then dry out very hard with the leather eventually shrinking and cracking.

Another popular feature is to add an anti-microbial treatment. It’s pretty common for kids to play their favourite sport, sweat like hell, then just throw their gloves and clothes in the kit bag for mom to pick out some time later. It’s a great environment to breed bacteria, and consequently smell. Our anti-microbial will virtually eliminate this issue. Also to really fix it we add machine washability to make life just that little bit easier.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create or enhance your batting and softball glove product range: darryl@drleather.com

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