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Fitness Glove Leathers

There are a large number of people who regularly participate in fitness training, whether it is on a professional or amateur level. Commonly there is the need for gloves to be worn, to allow a better grip in the high perspiration situations, and to provide some protection for the skin of the hand during the repetitive movements particularly involving weights. In recent times the craze of pole dancing fitness has taken off in many countries.

The raw material of choice in our opinion is either kangaroo or goatskin for this type of glove. These fibre structures possess the durability to withstand the repeated flexing and rubbing, whilst still providing high levels of breathability and dimensional stability. Our recommended thickness of leather for this type of glove can ranges between 0.6 – 0.8 mm, although this can be adapted depending upon the construction of the glove.

Furthermore, our leathers are tanned to provide high levels of perspiration resistance in the tannage, to ensure that the leather stays soft and supple throughout its lifetime. Standard leathers simply soak up the sweat and then dry out very hard with the leather eventually shrinking and cracking.

In addition we offer integrated machine washability to provide the consumer to clean their glove in a simplistic manner. We can also provide an anti-microbial treatment for further skin-health requirements.

A textured leather surface to enhance the grip characteristics of the leather is also a possibility, which also offers the brand a material with very high cutting coefficients.

For further information please contact Darryl Cassingham: darryl@drleather.com


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