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Military Glove Leathers

Quite frankly, the term 'Military Gloves' is very broad. We are always amazed to see the diversity in glove designs and specifications from military forces throughout the world. These products need to feature materials that are extremely high specification in order to assist the military personnel in completing their duties to an optimum, whilst also lasting for a pre-determined length of time.

Depending upon the gloving use and requirements, we generally select from either hairsheep (cabretta), kangaroo or goatskin in general for our starting point. Each fibre structure has its individual advantages: Hairsheep offers an ultra soft and tactile feel, kangaroo leathers allowing gloves to be crafted with extreme high tensile strength characteristics whilst retaining good flexibility and goatskin having one of the highest abrasion resistant grain structures known. These fibre structures all still possess the internal makeup to confer exceptional conformity to the hand, whilst still providing high levels of breathability and dimensional stability.

A base component of the military leathers is that of a water resistant tannage, whereby the fibres are treated at a microscopic level with synthetic hydrophobing agents. Depending upon the degree of water resistance required we select from one of three systems, which is chemically reacted at the collagen fibril level to provide a permanent and durable effect. This is a very important feature that ultimately aids in the whole moisture management of the glove, and ensures that the hands of military personnel stay dry and comfortable.

Furthermore, our leathers are tanned to provide high levels of perspiration resistance in the tannage, to ensure that the leather stays soft and supple throughout its lifetime. Standard leathers simply soak up the sweat and then dry out very hard with the leather eventually shrinking and cracking. This is particularly desired in pilot’s gloves where high adrenalin situations cause concentrated exposure to sweat.

A textured leather surface to enhance the grip characteristics of the leather is also a possibility, which also offers the brand a material with very high cutting coefficients. Other technologies that are often incorporated include petrol, oil and diesel resistance, fire retardance, anti-microbial treatments and specific camouflaging designs.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create or enhance your military glove product range: darryl@drleather.com

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