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Motorcycle Glove Leathers

Motorcycling in recent years has advanced considerably. The technology now available in the motorcycles themselves allows you to have Grand Prix performance and handling on the road. As such there is also the need to upgrade the materials used in the riders clothing to ensure that he is protected in case of an accident, yet comfortable so that it does not impede the enjoyment of riding.

The gloves of today must look as good as the motorcycles. For this reason we offer two distinct different leather types that are more suited to the palm side or the back of the hand. The palm leather needs to have good tactility and provide grip and comfort. The leather used on the back of the glove needs to offer numerous colour and optical effects, particularly the option of metallic colours.

Unfortunately, our CEO has experience of two high speed motorcycle crashes. And it is for this reason that Dr Leather only recommends materials that can withstand high abrasion situations against tarmac. Therefore, our material of choice is either kangaroo or goatskin for this type of glove. These fibre structures possess the durability to withstand the repeated flexing and rubbing, whilst still providing high levels of breathability and dimensional stability. Our recommended thickness of leather for this type of glove can ranges between 0.8 – 1.0 mm, although this can be adapted depending upon the construction of the glove. We are acutely aware though that there are many suppliers trying to sell leather that is simply too thin for these products, and we have witnessed legal law suits that have arisen due to this. Do not let yourselves be caught in such a situation.

As with our other high performance leathers, we incorporate a water resistant tannage into the leather, whereby the fibres are treated at a microscopic level with synthetic hydrophobing polymers, where they are chemically reacted at the collagen fibril level to provide a permanent and durable effect. This feature is extremely critical and consequently creates an enhanced moisture management system for the glove, ensuring that the hands of the rider stay dry and comfortable. The comfort factor can also be enhanced through clever designs.

Furthermore, our leathers are tanned to provide high levels of perspiration resistance in the tannage, to ensure that the leather stays soft and supple throughout its lifetime. Standard leathers simply soak up the sweat and then dry out very hard with the leather eventually shrinking and cracking. Again this is very important for riders in warmer climates and during sessions of high speed riding.

We use very high performance dyestuffs that offer near perfect colour fastness properties. There really is no need in this day and age to ride in wet weather and find your hands have turned the colour of the gloves.

A textured leather surface to enhance the grip characteristics of the leather is also a possibility, which also offers the brand a material with very high cutting coefficients. We can incorporate a special friction enhancing treatment to offer a more secure grip on the bars in wet conditions.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create or enhance your Motorcycle glove product range: darryl@drleather.com

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