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Motorcycle Suit Leather

There is nothing quite like putting on a leather jacket or suit that has been engineered and designed to offer you protection in the instance of an accident. Its construction and the materials used make it feel like a modern day suit of armour, and it offers a great deal of reassurance.

Therefore it is equally important for the manufacturer to ensure the leather used is of the correct specifications to ensure it can withstand various weather conditions, and the potential of high abrasion incidents. Dr Leather has access to either bovine or kangaroo leather that is uniquely tanned to confer a low density leather, but still retains high levels of strength and abrasion resistance.

Furthermore, the water and sweat resistant retannage technologies are also built in to the leather to ensure that maximum comfort occurs and that the leather will withstand countless exposure to the elements and the perspiration from the body, whilst maintaining breathability and permanent softness characteristics.

The process also allows the leather to be finished in virtually limitless possibilities to ensure the jackets, pants and suits offer high visual effects and just look cool. Our Mutant Leather process would also create superior effects.

Some of our other technologies are also applicable such as our abrasion resistance technology, thermal camouflaging technology and anti-microbial treatments. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create or enhance your motorcycle clothing product range: darryl@drleather.com

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