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Coming Soon!!!

As with all good technical based companies, we are continually working on new products for our customer base. We don't believe in keeping everything secret right up until the last minute, and so this is the section where our customers (and likely our competitors ) can keep a watchful eye on our direction. This works especially for companies that are facing an issue that we are currently investigating.

Presently we are finalising our new cross-linking technology. Having worked in conjunction with one of our best chemical suppliers, we have now created a new system that will allow completely safe cross-linking technology to work synergistically with our water resistant tannage processes. It has the benefit that no longer will tanners need to use expensive separate injection systems, and allows the pot-life of the mix to be extended in situations where direct injection is unfeasible. We hope to have this released before the end of 2010......

It is particularly aimed at sports footwear companies that are looking to become even more conscious of workplace health and safety aspects. You know who you are!

For further information please contact us: darryl@drleather.com

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