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Gloving Leather

Quite simply, Gloving Leathers are our specialty!!!! Our CEO, Darryl Cassingham, has been involved in the manufacture of all types of Gloving leathers for over 20 years ranging from top brand names through to NATO military forces.

The term Gloving Leather is extremely broad. For centuries gloves have been made using leather, and it certainly is no exception today. But, Gloving leathers have dramatically changed in the last few years. Today we can create leather with multiple technologies within them, something that synthetic leathers cannot achieve. It is now possible to create gloving leathers with high levels of water and perspiration (sweat) resistance, extremely high levels of colourfastness, fire retardance, antimicrobial properties, soil and dirt resistance properties and more! Most of these technologies were originally developed for the militaries around the world, and now they are available to you.

Further to this is the correct selection of raw material substrate to use (typically a choice of cabretta [hairsheep], goatskin, kangaroo or pigskin), the required grading characteristics to gain the correct cutting coefficiencies and ensuring quality assurance levels are maintained throughout the procurement of Gloving leathers. We can access bovine leathers as well, but in our experience these are only suited for certain products due to the lowered tear strength properties when shaving the cowhide so thin.

Here is just a short list of example products we can supply leather for, but the possibilities are endless:

Baseball batting gloves, Baseball catchers mitts, Cycling gloves, Dress & Fashion gloves, Golf gloves, Law Enforcement gloves, Military gloves, Ski gloves, Snowboarding gloves, and much more!!

In addition to the leather procurement, we can also introduce you to our trusted and allied glove manufacturers based in Asia.

For further information please contact Darryl Cassingham: darryl@drleather.com


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