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Military Footwear Chemicals

Military leathers utilise the pinnacle of leather technologies. The water resistance technologies used have extreme hydrophobing effects, yet have to maintain the breathability and moisture management capabilities. But what is essential is a robust system, that allows consistent dynamic and static water resistance values that will last the life of the leather. We are often asked to help with that aspect, becaue some of the high water resistance chemicals can give erratic results in their rates of penetration and consequently their performance.

Furthermore, one of the typical mistakes is for a tanner to simply add more hydrophobing agent to try to overcome these issues, but unfortunately they often generate more problems particularly with respect to causing over stretchy leathers and greasy patches.

As a result Dr Leather has engineered a product that provides the necessary processing aspects. Typical maeser performance is over 25,000 flexes and less than 15% water uptake after just 48 hours from the end of wet processing, and through the ageing process this performance increases easily to over 100,000 flexes by the time the footwear is handed to the soldier.

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