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How is Mutant Leather Unique?

OK, let us explain... Firstly, the concept of customisation upon surfaces is certainly not new. So no point trying to claim that one! Secondly, the concept of printing a laminate and sticking it on to the surface of a sub-standard piece of leather is also not new and frankly something not to be that proud of.... but essentially that is what all the other systems on the market are actually doing. How do I know this? Well we looked at all the other 'supposed' systems out there and they were all the same. The worse thing was that their products failed terribly under basic laboratory testing and very early on during wear trials.

So we figured 'well hey, we are the clever leather guys, surely we can crack this problem'. And we certainly did crack the problems.....
Simply put, Mutant Leather is not a laminate system like the other 'supposed' technologies on the market place. It is a full system which utilises specific chemistry and prints directly upon the leather surface. And this system can be set to print either 1 or 1,000,000 prints of the same design. Sorry, I can't tell you any more than that as it really is a secret.

But, this direct technique allows the ink to become at 'one' with the leather and so consequently it has much higher physical properties and passes every laboratory test we have thrown at it so far. Oh and it has stood up to a full season in a football boot - so I think we have it pretty much nailed.

So don't be fooled - when you investigate this type of technology from other companies, as you no doubt will, just ask them if it is a laminated film being used. I think you'll find it is..........

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