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What is the Technical Performance?

Actually it's really rather good!! We've engineered it to really stand up to the punishment of use in products that get some abuse, football boots being a great example and our chosen testbed.

Here's a quick run down of just a few of the performance specifications in a number of internationally recognised leather tests, although it should be pointed out that these are also influenced by the finishing systems and leathers that are used:

TABER ABRASION (500G H22) >500 cycles without damage
>6 (WET)
BALLY FLEXOMETER > 150,000 flexes (DRY)
> 100,000 flexes (WET)

These are just a few of the tests we complete. A lot more are actually done, but they are heavily influenced by the leather underneath. The easiest way is for you to supply specifications or what the end use will be and we can offer our comments as to if there are any adjustments required in our processing.

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